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Why Broadfix?

Broadfix provides a one-stop solution for all your plastic shims, wood shims and composite shims needs. From levelling doors and windows to granite countertops and kitchen cabinets and much, much more – we have the right door shims, window shims, and kitchen shims for the job. From simple wood shims to our new plastic shims, we offer top quality shim products in a variety of formats because at Broadfix Shims, we are ‘The Shim Experts’.

Essentially, we manufacture simple construction products that save time, every time whilst making the job simpler and producing a better result.

For such a simple product as a shim, why do we offer such range of options? Because, in a constantly changing world of new building materials and methods, no single shim type is suitable for every application. Our claim is that we have exactly the right shim product for whatever you have to do and however you like to do it.

Broadfix – “Simpler, faster, better” – the most comprehensive range of shimming, spacing and levelling solutions available globally from a single source.