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Why are Broadfix double snap plastic shims easier to use than traditional wood shims?

Because they have unique snap off scores at incremental points along the length to allow the shim to be snapped off quickly in either direction without any knife cutting required.

Broadfix TIP: Save money and use the snapped-off portion for another shimming job!

Why are Broadfix Plastic shims better to use in damp, moist areas?

Because they do not rot or swell and they are not susceptible to moisture in any way.

Why is this important?

Because shims that have rotted or swollen have failed in their function and may allow unacceptable movement or “creaking” to take place.

Why are plastic shims better to use when supporting heavy loads?

Because they have a very high compressive strength versus the traditional wood shim.

In our part of the world, we have major issues with termites. Are Broadfix plastic shims termite-proof?

Yes – they are completely resistant to termite attack.

What makes Broadfix Wood Shims better than the competitors?

They are premium grade 100% dry and fully tapered with no beveled

Why do Broadfix offer such a wide range of shim types?

Because, in a changing world of building materials and methods, traditional shimming products are often no longer appropriate. New materials and new skills require new shimming products. At Broadfix we say that we have the optimum solution for whatever the application and however the customer wishes to do the job.